About us

Unique Villas Mallorca by Angie Buades

Unique Villas Mallorca by Angie Buades is the first boutique property consultancy agency in Mallorca. Specializing in our client´s needs, our goal is simple: to have happy clients by making the process of finding a home –be it to rent or to buy-something smooth and pleasant.

As a real local, Angie has a deep and profound love for her island and is passionate about property and decoration. She grew up in the island and spent a wonderful childhood there. She received a British education and later travelled the world, focusing on China, where she decided to live and work for 4 years making of Shanghai a second home.

She has a degree in Law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid as well as working experience in the luxury villa rental industry and real estate market.

Angie deals personally with all the clients, both sellers and buyers, ensuring a professional and straightforward attention. She can speak Spanish, English, French, Catalán and Mandarin Chinese.